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Audio-Technica celebrates “50 Years Of Passionate Listening” in 2012, and marks the occasion with the release of six special limited edition 50th Anniversary microphones and a brace of professional headphones, each of which will be on display at ISE 2012 at the Audio-Technica booth (1K78).

The AT4050URUSHI and AT4050/LE multi-pattern condensers, AE6100/LE hypercardioid dynamic, AE5400/LE cardioid condenser, AE4100/LE cardioid dynamic and ATM25/LE hypercardioid dynamic microphones and ATH-M50/LE and ATH-PRO700Mk2ANV headphones all feature distinctive 50th Anniversary design and colour schemes, with the AE5400/LE and AT4050 models being supplied in hand-crafted wooden carrying cases.

The LE models sport a silvered metallic ‘Anniversary’ finish with blue accents, while the stunning AT4050URUSHI is treated to a traditional Japanese Urushi lacquer finish with hand painted maple leaves. The DJ-specific PRO700Mk2ANV features a suitably edgy black-and-gold finish for its Anniversary incarnation.

Of special note among the above is the ATM25/LE, a re-emergence of the classic ATM25 hypercardioid dynamic mic. Based on direct input from end-users and dealers, Audio-Technica chose its 50th anniversary to bring back a special edition of the classic ATM25. The new ATM25/LE is ideal for kick drum, toms and other highly dynamic instruments, handles very high SPL at close range, provides big, warm low-frequency response with excellent presence, offers very full sound on close-up vocals and dialogue and features a multi-level grille and rugged construction.

Audio-Technica was founded in 1962 by Hideo Matsushita, who introduced the company’s first phono cartridge that year, and quickly gained a reputation for producing a range of high-quality, award-winning phono cartridges for some of Japan’s leading electronics companies. In the 1970s and 1980s, Audio-Technica broadened its lineup to include products such as its groundbreaking VM Series dual-magnet phono cartridges; its ATH Series high-fidelity headphones; its first professional microphones and other innovations.

In the 1990s, Audio-Technica continued to refine and diversify its product range, and its wireless microphone systems, microphones and consumer and professional headphones became industry standards for their exceptional performance, reliability and value. A-T introduced the renowned 40 Series microphones, making the pristine sound of studio microphones affordable for the first time ever. Today, the 40 Series represents a benchmark in studio microphones for leading producers and engineers, as well as high-profile artists in all genres of music, both in the studio and onstage.

Since the dawning of the new millennium, Audio-Technica has continued to introduce breakthrough products and systems. In 2008, the company’s noise-canceling in-ear and over-ear headphones set new standards in environmental noise reduction and sound quality.

Today, Audio-Technica is the first choice for a variety of major artists including Gwen Stefani, Justin Timberlake, Metallica, Linkin Park, Evanescence and many more. Audio-Technica products are used worldwide in numerous consumer and professional applications including live concert tours, broadcast and recording studios, corporate, government and house-of-worship venues, and in high-profile events such as the presidential debates, the Grammy Awards, CMA Awards and the Summer and Winter Games, to name a few.

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